President, American Sales Development

ASD's Ergo Equipment was established in 2006 to make available to the North American market innovative ergonomic products and systems that lift, move, and control safely and easily in industrial environments. These include manufacturing, assembly, distribution, and anywhere that heavy loads or repetitive motions may create the risk of injury and lost time accidents. We have 43 years of combined experience in industry in many areas. Our goal is to facilitate safe and ergonomically sound practices among our clients.

Our current product lines include height adjustable, sit and stand workbench frames and lift systems to allow operators to comfortably adjust the height of any work surface, reducing back injuries and other work related stresses, to vacuum and platform lifts to manipulate and control heavy objects such as rolls, boxes, and bags. We have recently begun to offer air bearing technology casters and platforms for the movement of extremely heavy loads as well as electric tugs. Heavy duty carts and conveyors can reduce the use of forklifts and our self-adjusting carts and pallet handlers assure that loading and unloading is always done at the right ergonomic height.