XPRESS PLUS-200 (Dumpster Mover)

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Safe, ergonomic and economical, the Ergo Equipment tug is a self-contained, battery powered, walk-behind power mover that aids production personnel in moving heavy parts and equipment in an industrial environment. It is a tool used to offset the physical strain that is felt by an operator in pushing or pulling loads that personnel experience in a work place environment. The Ergo Equipment Tug has many standard features that are optional with others. These include variable speed control, horn, high and low speed, belly switch, adjustable handle, on-board battery charger, attachment receiver, foam filled tires, key switch, neutral throttle brake and a traction weight package.

Standard Features

  • Ergonomic Handle Assembly
  • Bi-Directional Variable Speed Thumb Control
  • Neutral Throttle Brake
  • Safety Belly Switch
  • Safety Horn
  • Key Switch
  • Tortoise/Hare Function Switch
  • Universal Receiver for Attachments
  • ON-Board Battery Charger
  • 36VDC Power Circuit
  • Maintenance Free Foam Filled Tires
  • Kill Switch
  • Internal Weight Package for additional traction
  • Constructed of formed 1/4″ steel plate