Ergo Equipment Lifts feature a modern modular design with high tech electronic safety and operational features that make lifting orienting and unloading of loads up to 500lbs an ergonomically sound and efficient operation. Platforms and end effectors are custom designed to your requirements and include designs for lifting, tilting, turning and precise manipulation of skids rolls, drums, pails, totes, buckets, tubs etc.

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Drums or Barrels
Totes or Boxes

Ergo Equipment Drum, Barrel or Roll Lifts


Ergo Equipment Tote and Box Lifts


Product Details

  • Modular units can be configured to your requirements
  • Floor operation or gantry frame hung.
  • Telescopic mast available for high lift heights
  • Lightweight aluminum profile construction.
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Stainless steel and clean room compatible models
  • Maximize profitability
  • Easy set up, intuitive operation
  • Lower cost than fixed equipment.
  • Internal or external roll capture
  • Small footprint, up to 500lbs capacity
  • Custom platforms, forks and end effectors