Why Employing Ergonomic Equipment is Good Business

Ensuring that your employees have the right ergonomic equipment in place to effectively handle their jobs without risk of injury is simply good business. When you eliminate workplace injuries, you open up a range of crucial benefits that will aid your bottom line, and keep workers safe and healthy. Here are a few critical reasons to employ ergonomic equipment, and examples of the type of equipment available.

Ergonomic Equipment Helps Eliminate Significant Costs

Costs that businesses incur as a result of ergonomic related injuries can be significant. Approximately $1 out of every $3 in worker compensation costs is attributed to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Injuries occur when ergonomic equipment is not made available to workers that use repetitive motion, lift heavy objects, or put their bodies in non-ergonomic positions. Products such as ergonomic lifts and manipulators and desk and workstation lifts are key to reducing and eliminating MSDs and the high costs associated with them. Costs such as training new employees, healthcare and insurance fees, loss of productivity, and OSHA fines all add up. And some of these costs can persist for year.

Ergonomic Equipment Improves Productivity

The key to establishing proper ergonomics for workers starts by eliminating factors that put them at risk for MSDs. The right ergonomic equipment helps ensure proper body positioning and movement, and eliminates repetitive motions and heavy lifting during the course of the workday. When workplace injuries go down, productivity goes up. Employees are able to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively with less effort. As a result, tasks are accomplished faster.

Extended absences also affect productivity. Multiple days can be lost trying to identify and hire temporary staff when employees need to be out of the office. Temp workers are typically not as efficient and require costly and time-consuming training. And when employees do return from an injury, it often takes time for them to fully heal and return to full productivity.

Ergonomic Equipment Improves Work Quality

When workers are injured, work quality suffers. MSDs can lead to fatigue and loss of movement, which can negatively affect accuracy, consistency, and focus. This is critical across all types of positions including assemblers of complex equipment, machinists, healthcare workers, and office workers. Ergonomic equipment helps employees to avoid MSDs. For example, height adjustable workstation lifts help maintain proper posture, lifts and manipulators pickup, orient and place objects, and self leveling cars position objects for ease of use and movement.

Ergonomic Equipment Helps Build an Effective Culture

When you take care of your employees they will take care of you. Establishing a humane and compassionate culture is essential in today’s operational landscape. When organizations develop a positive culture, numerous benefits are realized. Retention is increased, workers become advocates of the business, new and more desirable candidates are attracted to the business, and performance and productivity go up.

Morale is another benefit of culture. When workers feel like they are appreciated, and they are provided with the tools necessary to do their job most effectively, morale will increase. Health and safety is a crucial component. Employing ergonomic equipment is effective at helping workers stay healthy and injury free.

Ergonomic Equipment Keeps Businesses Relevant & Competitive

Data over the years has shown the importance of employing ergonomic principles in the workplace. As a result, more organizations have become aware of the significant impact that workplace injuries can pose. Companies today are at a disadvantage if they are not providing the right type of equipment to help employees avoid injury. When this is the case, word can spread, and top talent is more likely to choose a company that does a better job of protecting its employees.

In Conclusion

A range of ergonomic equipment is available for industrial, manufacturing, healthcare and office sectors. Reach out to Ergo Equipment to learn about our customizable solutions that include ergonomic lifts and manipulators, desks and workstation lifts, electric walkie tuggers, vacuum and magnetic jib crane lifts, and self leveling carts, among other products. Our equipment is available from the most well respected brands in the ergonomic equipment industry.

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